That is privilege

With near-constant exposure to news and social media amidst this injustice, more kids are watching graphic videos of tragic violence and reading hateful comments on social media. Dr. Allison Briscoe-Smith, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion of the Wright Institute, recently shared thoughts on how parents can help kids process and respond to what they are seeing.

Keeping Calm When Screenxiety Kicks On

Even before the world of Zoom calls, distance learning assignments, and social media “family challenges”…keeping tabs on our children’s screentime was enough to cause any calm parent a decent amount of anxiety. That’s why we were thrilled when our friend Caroline Hesdall, Ph.D., liscenced psychologist, let us pick her brain about ways we can calm the anxiety we feel over our kids’ screen habits.

Device Free Board Rooms

One of our rules of thumb is Start with Yourself. But one of the top obstacles parents share? Figuring out what digital health looks like at work. We loved these examples from companies who are taking this to heart and experimenting with new workplace practices to support digital wellness, including Netsmart—a healthcare company based in Kansas City.

Teams + Screens: Keeping their Eyes on the Ball

In recent years, a new player has shown up on the field of youth sports: the smartphone. Whether a game is cancelled, a carpool needs organizing, or a camera is capturing the winning shot—in many ways, our tech truly deserves a trophy for helping families survive the logistics. And in others, it might deserve a little time on the bench.

Phubbing | Brenda Walden, LMFT

A recent study of romantic relationships among college students found that “smartphone dependency is significantly linked to relationship uncertainty.” This Valentine’s week, join Brenda Walden, Marriage + Family Therapist, to learn more about “phubbing”…and ways it might be impacting your romantic relationship.

Time Well Spent | The Greatest Show

It’s the story of a young dad chasing big dreams who gets…wait for it…distracted…by a glittery, sparkly, unattainable opera singer named Jenny Lind. He gives his full attention to a person he has barely even met, ignoring the people who love him deeply. And yet, at the end of the day, he realizes that this was not time well spent…and returns home to rediscover the greatest show: being present with his family and friends.

Mental Health + Device Use in Teens

Published recently by JoCo Magazine, this article takes a close look at the link between electronic device use, depression, and impaired executive functioning in teens. At START, we are proud to be part of a community that is coming together to tackle digital health, and excited to include Johnson County Government on the list of leaders helping raise awareness. Device addiction might be one of the biggest issues our community is facing, but we believe that—together—we can create new norms that promote healthy tech use.