Screen Sanity Parent Night Kit text over photograph of several parents in an auditorium viewing the screen sanity parent night kit

Introducing the Parent Night Kit

We’re proud to announce our newest resource, the Parent Night Kit, which makes bringing Screen Sanity’s core content to your community as easy as simply pressing play. This turnkey program features our highly acclaimed program in an on-demand video format.

Ask the Experts: Digital Wellness in 2022

START Co-founder and Executive Director Tracy Foster was recently asked to participate in an expert panel for COSMO, a ground-breaking technology company that designs and builds innovative tech solutions to help keep kids safe and families connected. We love their COSMO JrTech 2 Smartwatch for a child’s first device.

Keeping Calm When Screenxiety Kicks On

Even before the world of Zoom calls, distance learning assignments, and social media “family challenges”…keeping tabs on our children’s screentime was enough to cause any calm parent a decent amount of anxiety. That’s why we were thrilled when our friend Caroline Hesdall, Ph.D., liscenced psychologist, let us pick her brain about ways we can calm the anxiety we feel over our kids’ screen habits.

Cast a Vision

Make a list of what core values will guide this season—or maybe a rally cry like, “Just keep Swimming” from Finding Dory or “Do the Next Right Thing” from Frozen 2. Ask your kids to join you, co-creating a vision for how you want your family to live this season! Then…hang them up! Whether it is just a handwritten post-it on the fridge or a Pinterest-inspired art print doesn’t matter, but hang your vision in your home as a visual reminder of what your family is striving for.