Screen Sanity Episode 8: Angie Daniels

Angie Daniels is the Program Manager for The Hope Center on the east side of Kansas City, Missouri. There, she works to serve kids in an urban community in the heart of the city. From Pre-K to High School, they work to provide a supportive, family-like atmosphere for kids in this urban community—and phone-free zones are a key part of their culture. Join us as we gather wisdom from this amazing leader and mother of five kids who grew up in the smartphone revolution.

Screen Sanity Episode 7: Rob and Zareen Cope

Filmmakers Rob and Zareen Cope are a couple of New Zealander parents who spent a year talking to leading experts around the globe about the hazards our kids face in the online world, and what could be done about them. They share this info in their documentary, “Our Kids Online.” Listen in as we talk about how they’ve handled everything from sleepovers and playdates… to the porn talk.

Screen Sanity Episode 5: Amanda Mozea

Amanda Mozea is the Education Outreach Manager at Media Girls, where she and her team work to help girls to think critically about how to show up authentically in their social media feeds. In this podcast, Amanda joins Krista to share thoughts about the conversations parents need to have with their daughters to help them swim—not sink—in their social worlds.