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These free downloadable PDFs give you the skinny on today’s hottest apps and trends, and help you train your children to drive cautiously in the digital world. We hope this info is helpful for all families, but we especially recommend these guides for parents of elementary children. It’s never too early to get prepped and ready for what’s ahead.

Babysitter Guide

Our free Babysitter Guide is a helpful tool for quickly and easily sharing important information with your caregivers, including phone numbers, activity ideas and your family’s screentime boundaries.

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Parent Guide: TikTok

A guide to popular social media app TikTok, which lets users share 15-second videos. Users upload lip-syncs, challenges, dances, comedies, skits and potentially cringe-worthy content.

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Parent Guide: Snapchat

A guide to Snapchat, an app used by 76% of teens in the U.S. Users exchange pictures, videos and private chats — however, these snaps disappear after the receiver closes them.

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Parent Guide: Sexting

A guide to sexting, which is a combination of the words “sex” and “texting.” This is a common practice of sending sexually explicit messages via computers, smartphones and tablets.

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Parent Guide: Instagram

A guide to Instagram, the social media platform that allows users to instantly filter, caption and share photos and videos, appealing to children’s desire for artistic, creative self-expression. 

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Parent Guide: Digital Driver’s Ed

Before you hand your child the keys to a car, they spend years shadowing you in the backseat, followed by a learner’s permit. This download shares the same “ride, practice, drive” approach for device and app introduction.

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Smartphone Toolkit

Before you introduce your child’s first phone, download our Smartphone Toolkit to help prepare yourself and your child — as well as the new device! — so risks are at a minimum.

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