Smartphone Toolkit

Premium | Before you introduce your child’s first phone, download our Smartphone Toolkit to help prepare yourself and your child — as well as the new device! — so risks are at a minimum.

Sometime before they flee the nest, you want your child to be an independent, safe smartphone driver, who knows how to navigate the digital world in a healthy, responsible way. If the time has come for a smartphone “learner’s permit,” we’ve got you covered. The three tools in the Smartphone Toolkit are designed to help you get started on the right foot as you navigate this new territory. We’re cheering for you!

Smartphone Plan

A worksheet for parents and kids to fill out together, helping guide your conversation about smartphone expectations. Perfect to pair with our Smartphone Rules of Thumb!
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Smartphone Rules of Thumb

When it comes to setting boundaries with new devices, it is much easier to start with strong limits and release them slowly, rather than trying to put them in place during a time of stress. Here are five topics to talk about when it’s time for a phone.
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Smartphone Tech Topics

Looking for a follow-up date with your smartphone-loving kid? Use these cards to strike up a convo with your tween or teen about expectations. Have fun, stay curious and try to see the world through each other's eyes. Your goal? Deepened trust and empathy — a firm foundation for the road ahead.
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