Digital Health, Down Under

Screen Sanity’s resources offer practical ways for parents from all walks of life — and all locations — to connect with their children about digital health. In fact, people from nearly every country in the world have accessed our content.

As the demand for Screen Sanity continues to build in 2023, we are proud to announce the launch of Screen Sanity Australia, our first international affiliate. Based in Brisbane and led by Mackenzie Forrester and Fiona Foxon, our Australian partners will magnify the message through workshops and local outreach — expanding the Screen Sanity mission from grassroots idea to global movement

Screen Sanity Australia

Screen Sanity Australia believes in the power of communities coming together to send our kids a unified message: your digital health matters — because you matter.

Through education programs, innovative content and strategic partnerships, we provide information to aid digital health decision-making, advocate for change and bring communities together to start meaningful conversations for digital balance. To build a world together where kids stay captivated by life, not screens.