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Fiona Foxon

Director + General Manager

Born in Singapore with a whirlwind upbringing in the USA, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia and Taiwan, Fiona has a strong understanding of cross-cultural nuances and a passion for global business. It’s what’s seen her rise through the corporate ranks and have a huge impact in companies like Mattel, Quintessentially, Chinese social enterprise non-profit Ventures in Development, and Hong Kong’s first unicorn start up, Tink Labs.

Fiona has worn many hats — Managing Director, VP of Sales and Marketing, Project Manager, Fundraising Lead, Founder of Fresh Studios and now General Manager of Screen Sanity Australia. What ties it all together is her straightforward and ambitious approach to organisational growth and scaling. Fiona’s global perspective on business is what makes her ideally positioned to offer organisations in Australia alternative strategies and fresh ideas they may not have tried before.

The advent of children and having a young family changed it all, and Fiona stepped away from her travel-heavy career to pursue consulting projects aligned to her value set.

Moving to Brisbane in 2019, Fiona has been focusing her time and energy on delivering CMO, CRO and strategic marketing services to a wide range of start-up, SME and corporate clients across the private and public sector in Australasia. She is now helping to lead the Brisbane-based Screen Sanity Australia, the first international office of USA headquartered non-profit Screen Sanity.

Slightly more sensible in her old age, she is now an avid Pilates convert, and can often be found cycling one of Brisbane’s many bicycle paths or bush walking with her family.

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