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Screen grabs from the 2023 Holiday Gift Guide.

Our 2023 Gift Guide

We’ve gathered up some of our favorite screen free gifts for the 2023 Gift Guide. Give something that fosters connection and creativity allowing kids to stay more captivated with life, than screens.

First Phone Comparison

We know how time-consuming and tiresome it can be to research the growing market of first phones out there and make a decision. To ease some of that stress, we’ve compiled information on smartphone alternatives we know and love.

Screen Sanity Parent Night Kit text over photograph of several parents in an auditorium viewing the screen sanity parent night kit

Introducing the Parent Night Kit

We’re proud to announce our newest resource, the Parent Night Kit, which makes bringing Screen Sanity’s core content to your community as easy as simply pressing play. This turnkey program features our highly acclaimed program in an on-demand video format.

Pink graphic with red and white YouTube Kids logo. Text reads "What you need to know about YouTube Kids"

YouTube Kids: What You Need to Know

YouTube Kids is one of the many video streaming services marketed as a safe option for kids. However, it’s important to consider how this user-generated video platform differs from other streaming services. We’re sharing what you need to know and what you can do to keep your kids safe.