What to Expect with a Parent Night Kit

women sitting at a screen sanity parent night event

When it comes to today’s ever-changing technology, it’s hard to sum up the nuance of what families are facing. So many of us ponder questions like, “How much screentime is too much?” or, “When do I get my child a phone?” At Screen Sanity, we believe there is no perfect approach to managing technology, but taking time to proactively set intentions, draw boundaries and start conversations can help to minimize the bruises and maximize the benefits.  

Our Parent Night Kit content follows this same philosophy, providing practical tips for tackling some of the most common screentime challenges. The training is broken into five sections, based on our core recommendations for digital health, or, as we call them, STARTing Points.  

Below is an overview of what we cover with each STARTing Point: 

  • Start With Yourself Model healthy digital habits for your kids. An honest look at our own digital habits is a first step toward building empathy and trust. 
  • Tables & Bedtimes Just like our devices, we need to recharge. Develop habits of unplugging and recharging by setting consistent, predictable device-free zones. There are lots of ways to do this, but if you are looking for a couple of places to start, we suggest tables and bedtimes. 
  • Accountability There are no internet filtering solutions that are 100% foolproof, but putting some measures in place can help you feel better. Think of them like a seatbelt — offering as much protection as possible from accidents in the online world.  
  • Ride. Practice. Drive. When you teach your kids to drive, you don’t simply hand them the keys and wish them good luck. You prepare them to navigate risky situations and road hazards through driver’s ed. Take this same approach in the digital world.  
  •  Time Well Spent The digital world wants you to keep scrolling, but at the end of your life, all you have is your time and attention. Choose screentime that helps you create and connect rather than consume. 

As a Parent Night Host, you’ll have access to a full PowerPoint presentation, which includes slides, discussion questions and embedded videos. Below is a preview of the presentation:  

A preview of Screen Sanity’s Parent Night Kit presentation.

Below is a snapshot of the items you’ll receive for support materials:

In addition to the presentation itself, Parent Night Hosts will have exclusive access to an online portal filled with downloadable materials to support your event. Here’s a sneak peek at the portal:

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