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Social Worker CEU Training

Technology — including screentime, video games and social media — plays a major role in our day-to-day life and has implications for the clients of social workers. The Screen Sanity CEU program seeks to enhance social work practice, skills and knowledge by providing a hands-on tool that can be used as a resource in an individual or group setting; or as a recommendation for clients, parents and caregivers.


  • Understand the relationship between technology/social media use and implications for mental health disorders.
  • Provide a playbook/roadmap for parents/mental health professionals to develop a “tech plan” and facilitate meaningful conversations around the pressures for adolescents today.
  • Help clients define some of their core values and establish how technology/social media use helps/hurts these value systems.
  • Recognize the emotional stress social media can cause on youth, and identify ways to boost mental health.
  • Identify and recognize ways to help clients facilitate that need for connection outside of screentime in real time.

Licensing Level

This program is applicable to all LMSW’s and LSCSW’s. There are no prerequisites. Upon completion and submitted evaluation, participants will be emailed a Certificate of Attendance to turn into the Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board for Social Work Continuing Education Credits.