Porn Exposure and Our Children

The majority of teens have watched pornography online, some having seen it by age 10 or younger. We are our children’s greatest defenders against the hazards of the online world, and it’s never too early (or too late) to safeguard their online environment.

Poster art for blog post 'Which first phone is best for your child?'

Which first smartphone is best for your child?

It’s that time of year when the weather is changing, holiday decor is appearing on the shelves and gift-giving may be on the mind. Along with connection, cheer and cups of cocoa, this season can also bring about lengthy shopping lists and overwhelming decisions. If whether or not to buy your child a smartphone is one of those choices, you are not alone!

Sharenting: Respecting your Child on Social Media

Kids are always paying attention, absorbing the behaviors they see modeled in the world. Monkey see? Monkey do. They are internalizing our habits, practices and beliefs through our behaviors — including what we do and don’t post on social media. How do we honor them through our online presence? By setting, sharing and respecting boundaries.

3 Questions to Ask Before Getting your Child a Smartphone

With the release of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, you may feel added pressure to get your child a new device. But before you introduce a fully loaded smartphone, we encourage you to ponder three simple questions. WHY AM I GETTING MY CHILD A SMARTPHONE? If the answer is connection, or keeping in

Free Download: The Babysitter Guide

Our FREE Babysitter Guide is a helpful tool for quickly and easily sharing important information with your caregivers, including phone numbers, activity ideas and your family’s unique tech and screentime boundaries. Print it out, fill in your information and use it as a conversation starter the next time your babysitter or family cares for your kids.

Creation Over Consumption

With summer kicking into high gear, we can quickly feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of keeping kids engaged and entertained. While it can be so tempting to use screens as the solution, what if we were more intentional with our technology use this summer? What if instead of a platform of consumption, it were one of sparking creation? What if instead of a problem, it were a partner?

Gaming: Then vs Now

If you feel like video games aren’t what they used to be, you’re right. The days of Pac-Man and Atari are long gone, replaced with virtual reality headsets and hyper-realistic war zones. Today, we’re sharing a detailed look at what has changed and how you can bring back some of the more relational elements you might remember from your childhood.

The Porn Talk

Few thoughts are as daunting to parents as the prevalence of pornography and predators in the lives of our children. While we’d like to think porn only lives in hard-to-reach corners of the internet, the reality is it’s only a few clicks away. According to Defend Young Minds, the average age of first porn exposure is nine years old.

5 Ways for Coaches to Combat the Screentime Struggle

The positive effects of participating in youth sports are numbered, yet there is a distracting new teammate causing disengagement among today’s athletes—the smartphone. Instead of focusing on the game, players run to the bench to check their phones for notifications. Instead of practicing drills outside, teens spend hours inside scrolling through social media.