Social Media Prep for Preschoolers

When Cierra Karson found her preschool daughter saying her daily affirmations in the mirror, it made her cry happy tears, because she knew that one day, this little girl would have the confidence she needs to navigate the challenges she will face in the social media world. Read along as Cierra shares why and how this young family makes this practice a part of their everyday routine.

Driver’s Ed Approach to Messenger Kids

START recently partnered with the Wall Street Journal to share thoughts about a hot app for kids: Facebook’s Messenger Kids, an introductory social media app designed for kids age 6-12. If you decide to take the plunge, it’s likely your child’s first foray into social media and it’s important to equip them for it and to be attentive to potential unexpected side effects.

He is alive.

It takes an incredibly brave parent to seek out and accept information that contradicts their past parenting choices. Instead of putting on their blinders to protect their ego, they face the truth in order to protect their children. This story is from one such mother, Lauren, who courageously shared her journey—so others might not go through the pain she has been through. Thank you, Lauren.