Cast a Vision

Many of us are just trying to survive this quarantine…and thriving amidst this situation? Not even on the radar. But before we jump into the details of creating a “QuaranScreen plan,” we invite you to pause and reflect about what good could possibly come from this circumstance. Most young children may not remember the daily stats about coronavirus or even the phrase “flatten the curve.” What they will remember is how their home felt during this pandemic.

Make a list of what core values will guide this season—or maybe a rally cry like, “Just keep Swimming” from Finding Dory or “Do the Next Right Thing” from Frozen 2.  Ask your kids to join you, co-creating a vision for how you want your family to live this season!  Then…hang them up!  Whether it is just a handwritten post-it on the fridge or a Pinterest-inspired art print doesn’t matter, but hang your vision in your home as a visual reminder of what your family is striving for.