Start with Yourself

Even before quarantine, studies showed that we look at our phones 80+ times a day – and based on our own news and social media scrolling amidst this crisis, it’s likely gone up. To avoid “infobesity” – information overload that leads to anxiety and distraction from your real life, we suggest setting a certain number of times each day to check the news, social media, or respond to phone notifications so the rest of your time you can be more focused on your work or family time at hand. Research has shown it often takes people four times as long to do the same task when they are distracted. You can also employ friction—tiny obstacles we add or remove in our routines in order to develop healthier habits.  During quarantine, it might help to silence group texts or move the Facebook app off of your homescreen—so it less likely steal your attention from the things you want to prioritize.