Parent guide displayed on clipboard.

Parent Guide: TikTok

A guide to popular social media app TikTok, which lets users share 15-second videos.

Snapchat guide displayed on clipboard.

Parent Guide: Snapchat

A guide to Snapchat, an app in which users exchange pictures, videos and private chats — however, these snaps disappear after the receiver closes them.

Sexting guide displayed on clipboard.

Parent Guide: Sexting

A guide to protecting your children from sexting, which is a combination of the words “sex” and “texting.”

Parent Guide: Instagram

Parent Guide: Instagram

A guide to Instagram, the social media platform that allows users to instantly filter, caption and share photos and videos, appealing to children’s desire for artistic, creative self-expression. 

Driver’s Ed Approach Parent Guide printed out on clipboard

Parent Guide: Digital Driver’s Ed

Before you hand your child the keys to a car, they spend years shadowing you in the backseat, followed by a learner’s permit. This download shares the same “ride, practice, drive” approach for device and app introduction.

Starting Points worksheet on clipboard with pencils next to it

Starting Points for Digital Health

This one-page download prompts parents to think through Screen Sanity’s five digital health principles: Start with Yourself, Tables + Bedtimes, Accountability, Ride.Practice.Drive, and Time Well Spent.

Holiday Gift List

We know the best gifts can’t be wrapped — but Screen Sanity assembled some of our favorites items to promote digital health this holiday season.