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Partnering together to offer a 60-minute webinar for parents and caregivers

Screen Sanity Webinar

Improving your Family's Digital Wellness

Screen Sanity: Improving your Family’s Digital Wellness is a 60-minute webinar that empowers parents to create a plan for their family’s screen use, including a roadmap for introducing kids to smartphones and social media. The content is designed for adults only, but will give you practical ways you can talk to your kids about this topic.

Webinar Dates

All of the Bright Horizons webinars have concluded. Please consider exploring our online resources or viewing our on-demand Screen Sanity webinar here.

Discover the side-effects of unhealthy screen use

Cast a vision for your family’s screen use

Create a family screen plan that supports your family’s core values

Gather confidence to be a mentor/guide for your children in a digital world

Gain a supportive community to cheer your family on

Screen Sanity is an international nonprofit that equips parents to be mentors and guides so kids grow up happy and healthy in an increasingly digital world. Offering tips, tools, trainings and more, Screen Sanity seeks to create a world where kids are captivated by life, not screens. We are proud to partner with Bright Horizons to bring our content to their employees.

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