Rhythms are your friend

In national surveys, families report that the number one battleground is managing technology.  During this time of quarantine, we encourage you to get ahead of those battles by adopting consistent rhythms for screen use.  Let consistent, predictable patterns “be the bad guy” so you don’t have to.  For example, once kids know that there will be “no screens before noon” or that your family rhythm is “chores, outside time, brain building time, screentime, reset,” they will be less likely to nag, and you will be relieved by less decisions about when to say “no” and when to say “yes.” 

Another trick?  When it is time to transition your child’s brain off the merry-go-round of screens, use consistent cues.  We recommend sitting next to them or touching their shoulder as they finish up their last round of games.  Follow this with a round of pushups, a race around the house, or some time outdoors to help their mind reconnect with their body and reengage with the offline world.

Please note: there will be times when you realize your family has lost its rhythm.  No problem!  Give yourself grace. This a great opportunity to show your kids that when life throws curve balls, you don’t give up.  Jump back in where you left off, and try again.