“Plug-in” Early: The Preschool Plugged-in Planner

Preschool Plugged-in Planner Cover Meet the Preschool Plugged-in Planner because it's never too early to prepare your family for digital health.

We often hear parents say, “I wish I would have known _____.” And that is exactly why our new Plugged-in Planner series begins with a focus on preschool-aged kids. It’s never too early to start preparing the foundation for digital health in your home. Being proactive and establishing family rhythms while your kids are young will help you make informed decisions later down the road.

What’s inside?
Developed by parents and teachers, the Preschool Plugged-in Planner addresses early screentime struggles, what to expect from your child developmentally during this time, and how modeling your own healthy digital habits can impact young children. The workbook will prompt you to reflect on your own childhood experiences, remembering what you want to recreate with your child today, while also guiding you though how to proactively set steady routines and screentime habits for your household. Packed with practical, easy-to-apply tips and thoughtful writing prompts, the planner will help you create healthy digital habits that reflect your family’s values.

The Plugged-in Planner is for you if…

  • you want to create steady routines and screentime habits for your family
  • screens are standing in the way of meaningful connection with your child
  • screentime is a battle in your home
  • you want to protect your child from the hazards of the online world
  • you want to establish boundaries early when it comes to device use

Purchase your planner at the link below, and if you have older kids, don’t forget to check out the elementary and middle school editions.

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