Phone Free Prom

Credit: Sandy Peterson PhotographyCredit: Sandy Peterson Photography

Credit: Sandy Peterson Photography

At START, we believe that digital parenting isn’t about taking connection away from our kids…it is about giving them opportunities to taste and see that face to face connection can be even better.

So our hearts were warmed when we heard the story of a gentleman who spotted a group of beautiful prom goers at a restaurant, and was inspired to anonymously pay for their meal if they would put their phones away. Kim Emmons, the mother of one of the teens, shared about the event the following day on her Facebook page:

My daughter and her 10 friends went to Double D’s last night in Fortuna for dinner. The waiter came to their table and said someone anonymously was paying for their dinner and to get whatever they wanted, but in return they were to stay off their phones for the whole dinner. So they gladly gave their phones to the waiter, he placed them on a tray and took them away.

The great part about this story is that my daughter said they talked the whole night without distractions and said it was a blast. The anonymous gentleman came to their table while he was leaving and told them they were a beautiful group and that it brought back memories of his time when he was younger. Thank you to the gentleman that not only paid for their dinner, but taught them you can have a really good time without technology. 

Thanks, Kim, for recognizing the gift of this moment, and sharing it with our START community! And thank you to the anonymous donor for your work inspiring the next generation to be captivated by life, not screens.