More Sunsets, Less Netflix


It’s officially summer, and for many parents and caregivers, that means stocking up on sunscreen, bug repellent, water bottles, and band-aids. Because as much as we want our kids to experience epic adventures and unforgettable memories? We also want our kids to be safe, happy, and healthy.  

The truth is, when it comes to navigating our children’s physical wellness, today’s parents are well-rehearsed.  That’s partly because when a child falls off of a bicycle? It is easy to see the scrape.  When they have a cold?  We hear the sneezes and coughs.  When they need more sleep?  They whine, tantrum, and do crazy things.

 But mental wellness? It’s harder to gauge.

At START,  we know that there are many factors that contribute to family mental wellness.  But this summer, we invite you to journey with us as we ask a question about one of them:  How do our digital habits impact our mental health and wellness?  Particularly, we’re excited to share thoughts on how screens impact:

  • Human connection— and how celebrities like Prince Harry and Madonna are highlighting the loss of it in society.

  • Self-image— from a mom of young children in Johnson County, to worldwide pop-phenomenon Taylor Swift, to Blaire–the 2019 American Girl of the Year, a growing number of voices are sharing how social media has impacted our sense of self-worth, and how comparison is pervasively stealing our ability to find contentment and joy.

  • Rest–the pressure our teens feel to always be “on,”  the benefits of boredom, and how to give your phone its own summer vacation.  

This summer, we hope the content on our blog inspires and equips you to steal away with a loved one and as them if they feel the impact of technology in their mental health.   You might find that more sunsets–and less Netflix–are just what the doctor orders when it comes to supporting your family’s mental health and wellness.